From the day she is born, the alluring Sadie Morton-Brown has one interest – herself. Coming from a wealthy family she lacks for nothing, but still this is not enough. To her mother she is a difficult child, with affection only for her father.

At thirteen, her resentment over her three year old brother gaining her father’s attention leads her to remove him from their lives without even a glimmer of concern. While her parents are suffering heartbreak, her only worry is their lack of interest in herself.

The one relationship that remains constant is with Sunita, a girl she seduced at school, who she uses between men.

Becoming increasingly tantalising and able to entice any unsuspecting male, or female, with her beautiful looks and dark-brown eyes, Sadie, totally devoid of sympathy or care towards her parents, leaves home at nineteen and lives with her drug-addicted boyfriend, until she finally douses the flat in petrol and leaves for America.

Once in the USA she dupes Ricky, a rich widower with three children, into marrying her, becomes pregnant, then accuses him of abuse and leaves him for a large settlement. She then sells her baby to a childless couple, knowing that Ricky would love custody of him.

Moving on to Spain and Danny Foster, golden boy of British football, who is married to well-known model Eleanor Hart, Sadie finally finds her match, and with the help of Alice, Danny’s exPA and lover, life finally catches up with her.